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Om rasism och biblioteksarbete II

Ur Beyond Ignorance av Barbara Fister:

[…] So what’s a library to do? I think we must admit that we have a bias toward a certain kind of reasoning. That we not only want libraries to be places where knowledge is made but that we hold certain truths to be self-evident, if hard to live up to. That we stand for both intellectual freedom and against bigotry and hate, which means some freedoms are not countenanced. That when we say “everyone is welcome here” it also means “we’ll fight those who insist not everyone ought to be.” That we don’t have all the answers, but some answers are wrong. That we must be brave enough to know our own history and recognize the ignorance we’re trying to overcome ourselves. That if we embrace fundamental values, we cannot be neutral. That reason isn’t enough. That caring for one another matters, too. 


Beyond Ignorance (Library Babel Fish)

Om rasism och biblioteksarbete

Trump vill inte stöta sig med extremhögern

USA:s bibliotekarier tar ställning mot Trump

Tobias Willstedt


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