Library Practice for Young Learners ( LPYL)

Stakeholders of the project

LIWO – Library and Information Workers’ Organization formed in Durban 1990 was working during the 1990s as »an independent activist organization involved in social transformation. LIWO aims to provide the space for critical and constructive debate and projects and to bring together LIS practitioners of all kinds in an organization working towards an equitable, non-discriminatory information system accessible to all people in South Africa« (from Statement of Intent) LIWO members were 1991 actively involved in the National Education Policy Investigation (NEPI) of the library situation in South Africa.

LIWO was the South African partner in the project during phase 1 (1997–2000)

EPU – Education Policy Unit (Natal) was established jointly by the University of Natal and the National Education Coordinating Committee (NECC) in 1987 to provide research for organisations working towards bringing about a democratic and non-racial system of education in South Africa. Through its activities EPU (Natal) works to empower national and provincial governments, non-governmental organisations and community-based organisations to develop education policies that promote democracy, equity and educational quality. EPU have been involved in Department of Education’s Policy Framework for School Library Standards and was in 1999 commissioned to draft the Implementation Plan for School Library Policy Framework.

(From presentation brochure from EPU)

EPU was the South African partner in the project during phase 2 (2000–2002)

Centre for Educational Technology and Distance Education (CETDE) at the Department of Education in Pretoria has taken an active part of the LPYL project by having two representatives in the South African Reference Group and has facilitated and taken part of the meetings of SCHELIS. Department of Education formally endorsed phase 1 of the project.

SCHELIS – a forum for the heads of school libraries in South Africa’s nine provinces. SCHELIS was formed 1997 as a result of LPYL and has been actively involved in the project on a consultative basis.

Bibliotek i Samhälle (BiS) (»Libraries in Society«) was formed 1969 in Sweden as a »politically independent organisation working on a socialist basis to promote progressive librarianship« (from the program of BiS) BiS has been actively involved in projects in South Africa for about ten years, during the early 1990s by supporting a resource centre in Lingelihle, the township of Cradock in Eastern Cape. In its periodical bis (quarterly), other issues relating to social commitments are also published. Website:

Sida – Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation. Sida has moved from aid to cooperation. Since the mid-1980s Sida has included culture in its activities. Sida’s Culture and Media Division has funded the LPYL as part of the Swedish government’s program for South Africa. Website: