Major activities of Phase 1, 1997-2000

Library Practice for Young Learners ( LPYL)

 Major activities of Phase 1, 1997-2000:

 Business plan phase 1

  • Starting Up and Developing School Library Services in South Africa- article from BiS 1997 (pdf)
  •  27 Sept. – 5 Oct. 1997 Study tour to Stockholm with the provincial heads of school libraries and one of the project managers (pdf)
  •  20 – 28 February 1998 The Swedish Working Group conducts a study tour to SA and meet the SA participants going to Sweden.
  •  27-28 March 1998 Meeting in Uppsala to prepare the Swedish hosts
  •  4-14 May 1998 Study tours for 18 school librarians/media advisors to Stockholm followed by visits two and two to either Malmö/Lund, Kristianstad, Kalmar, Borås, Skara, Örebro, Uppsala, or Sundsvall. The visits were followed up in SA with 20 workshops in the provinces.
  •  A library against the odds, article about Viceroy Jujuyo and his school library (pdf)
  • 1999: 9.000 copies of Fifteen innovative ways with your learning resources… (pdf-file 3,99 MB) – booklet distributed to 9.000 principals (pdf)
  • 6-10 augusti 2000 LPYL was reported in two seminars at the International Association of School Librarians (IASL) conference in Malmö

Evaluation phase 1

Evaluation of LPYL phase one by Archie L. Dick, October 1999 (pdf)

Evaluation of the project from the view of provincial heads, made by Athol Leach, December 1999 (pdf)

Evaluation of the booklet Fifteen Innovative Ways… by Athol Leach (pdf)

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