Här ytterligare några boktips, fast på engelska, inför sommarens hängmatta. Några går att köpa ganska billigt på nätet:
Philip Bounds: Orwell and marxism : the political and cultural thinking of George Orwell (IB Tauris)
Lesley Hall: The life and times of Stella Browne, feminist and free spirit (IB Tauris)
The Actuality of Walter Benjamin. Edited by Laura Marcus and Lynda Nead (Lawrence and Wishhart)
Benjamin Kohl, Linda Farthing, Felix Muruchi: From the mines to the streets : a Bolivian activist’s life (University of Texas press)
Pierre Broué: Trotskij : en biografi (Carlssons)
Benedict Anderson: Under three flags : anarchism and the anti-colonial imagination (Verso)
Rosa Luxemburg: Socialism or barbarism? : selected writings (Pluto press)
Unemployment and Protest : new perspectives on two centuries of contention. Edited by Matthias Reiss and Matt Perry (Oxford university press)
Global economy contested : power and conflict across the international division of labour. Edited by Marcus Taylor (Routledge)
Kieran Allen: Marx and the alternative to capitalism (Pluto press)
Ulrika Holgersson: Klass : feministiska och kulturanalytiska perspektiv (Studentlitteratur)
Mats Myrstener

Ett svar till “Sommarboktips

  1. Many thanks to Mats Myrstener for drawing attention to my book on Orwell. I hope that anyone in Sweden who chooses to read it will find it interesting!Philip Bounds


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